Travel to Dragon Eye Island, Ha Long bay, Vietnam

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Dragon Eye Island, Ha Long bay, Vietnam is a very pristine and new tourist destination. With the attractive and unique value, sure, you will have a fantastic summer vacation on this island. Located at the southern edge of Ha Long Bay, Bai Dong (the other name of Dragon Eye Island) is the island adjacently to Bai Tu Long, appealing the travelers by its natural white sand beach and unique scenery.

Dragon Eye Island is the folk name of the Bai Dong Island which lies at the south of Ha Long bay in Quang Ninh province. Although this island is still a new discovery, to some backpacking travelers who have a chance to come here, this island has very impressive, unique and spectacular scenery with blue clear water, white sandy beaches, cool and green primary forests, clean and clear lakes and many cliffs.

The most unique and attractive thing here is the beautiful green lake which lies among of limestone cliffs and primary forests. It is considered as the dragon eye of the Island and is considered as home to the most unique natural ecosystems in the Gulf of Tonkin. Here, visitors can not only be immersed in the cool water, but also go camping and organize outdoor party.

The Island covers an area of 30ha. It is still very pristine, untouched and quiet, and it has no signed of tourist activities or services of entertainment or accommodation. All visitors coming here organize tours by themselves from boats, food, discovering or activities.

To reach Dragon Eye Island, you should go to Ha Long bay first. From Hanoi, you can go by car to Ha Long, then, leave your bikes at Bai Chay Wharf or at the hotel in Ha Long. Then, catch the boat from Bai Chay or Ben Doan to the Dragon Eye Island.

Some interesting activities that you can do on Dragon Eye Island
It takes only 2 hours and a half from the Wharf to the Island; therefore, you can do the trip in the weekend for it is only 1 day trip. As mentioned above, you can take many beautiful photos, organize BBQ party, go fishing and discover the primary fores. From April 2016, tourists come here can do kayaking.

There is no food service on this island, so you should bring food with. Please remember not to throw rubbish to the island to protect the environment of this island.

Even local people in Quang Ninh do not know much about the existence of this island. To any rider who joins our motorbike tours , all love the nature and adventure. Traveling to any place having so fantastic scenery but no tourists is their hobby. Therefore, you can discover this venture with us instead of cruising like the other tourists around Ha Long bay.
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Dragon Eye Island appeals the visitors by a natural white sand beach and its unique scenery with the gorgeous circulars situated at the center of the entrails of mountain.

Taking step on the island, visitors will feel interesting with the smooth sand running through spaces between toes. Along with the comfortable feeling, sands bank in accordance with tender waves pounding the shore consecutively, where is the ideal ground for children having fun.

However, one of a kind Dragon Eye is unique thing makes the island different from other thousands of beautiful islands. A crystal blue cluster of water inside the island contains an ecosystem being considered as the most extraordinary for the Gulf of Tonkin.

If the travelers have a chance to search the inside of Dragon Eye, they have to go along the ladder of stair system to the peak of mountain and then walking down.

From Ha Noi to Quang Ninh, guest can travel by motorcycles, cars, trains or floatplanes. If the travelers choose motorcycles or cars, following the route from Ha Noi through Bac Ninh to Quang Ninh is convenient road with a length of 160 kilometers and taking about 3 hours.

Visitors should be considered to select train for a trip. Halong Express traveling trains depart from Gia Lam station at 7 AM every morning with VND 100,000 for internal one-way ticket and VND 300,000 for foreigners. In order to save time enjoy memorable moments from the 150 to 3,000 meters in height compared with sea level, travelers do not miss the float planes trips. A seaplane can accommodate for 12 guests and lasts only 45 minutes with VND 6.2 million or more for fare.

In 4/2016, visitors will be provided variety of services such as kayaking, canoe flying, boat buoys, life jackets, the seafood, barbecue picnic, etc.

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